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Finding the North Star ✨

It's been weeks since Sable got separated from her family and ended up in a wintery wasteland. With the help of Neve she now knows where to find her food, (she has to dive into the icy waters to hunt for fish)! She now knows how to keep a fire and keep herself warm as well. In other words she now knows how to survive the wintery cold, all thanks to Neve. She looks off into the horizon with Neve by here side, as the sun sets and feels that something's missing. Sable feels incomplete, she misses her family and the warmth of the volcanic landscape she is used to. "Neve I appreciate all you've done for me, but I need...

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Keeping the Fire Lit. A Miracle Awaits!

Sable has managed to keep herself warm in the harsh winter environment, now how does she feed herself? For without feeding herself, she won't be able to keep the fire within burning strong. On this wintery landscape there are no land animals she can see. She doesn't know what to do. In a moment of hunger she roars in hopes that maybe that are other dragons near by. Maybe a Dragon will hear her? Maybe she can get help?

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