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Dragon fire, I am fire, The Dragon within, Dracarys, Queen of Dragons

Welcome to the Legion of Dragons! This is shop is inspired by The Legion of Dragons community that was born out of Jiana Wessel's Goth and Dragon inspired music. She began calling her fans Dragons because she see's the Dragon in them, that fire, and passion that makes you powerful and unstoppable! The music is all about empowerment and realizing that you are Fire! With fire, fantasy, goth and Dragon imagery in the lyrics. 

What about the Goth side of this? Dracula's name originally meant Dragon. So inherently there is a connection between Dragons and Goth/Gothic. It's really all about the combination of the Goth, Haunting feel that comes with the music and the appreciation and love for things Gothic such as witchcraft, vampires, the occult, the supernatural, etc with Dragons. Love Draconian magick or witchcraft? We do too! Keep an eye out for Draconian magick/witchcraft items coming in the future.

It only made sense to bring those passion into this shop, which is all about summoning the Dark Dragon with you! You'll notice that apparel, drinkware, music, jewelry, and accessories all focus on the pride of being a Dragon, of summoning the Dragon within. It all comes back to empowerment through the Dragon. So go ahead and see what Goth and Dragon items you can add to your horde of treasure! Go spread the Fire 🔥 Dragon! 🐉