Keeping the Fire Lit. A Miracle Awaits!

Sable has managed to keep herself warm in the harsh winter environment, now how does she feed herself? For without feeding herself, she won't be able to keep the fire within burning strong. On this wintery landscape there are no land animals she can see. She doesn't know what to do. In a moment of hunger she roars in hopes that maybe that are other dragons near by. Maybe a Dragon will hear her? Maybe she can get help?
She roars a few more times and nothing, not even a roar back nothing but the sound of the cold wind. She's losing hope, when out of nowhere she sees a bluish gigantic figure on the corner of her eye. It's a Dragon! She's so excited to see another Dragon except, she's never met an ice Dragon before. Is this Dragon a friend or foe?
Could Sable have just gotten herself into more trouble? She asks herself as the Dragon approaches her. Her body trembles not sure if it's because she's cold or if it's because she's scared, this Dragon is twice her size! He just stares at her, not speaking a word. Finally after what seemed like eternity the Dragon asks her, "What are you doing in my domain"? "You don't look like you're from around here".
"Im lost"! Sable, replies still trembling. "I got separated from my family while in flight and I don't know how to get back"! The Ice Dragon stares at Sable for a moment as if looking right through her, there's nothing but white snow all around them and a few dead trees, even the sky is white. "Very well", the Dragon replied, let's get you some food and warmth for you are not built for winter."
Sable could feel her body tremble less, she's feeling relieved for at least her life is not in danger and she is now getting some help from this Ice Dragon. They fly to a nearby cave where it's already warmer than outside. The Ice Dragon builds her a fire and brings her some fish to eat. Definitely not her ideal meal, but she's so hungry she'll take it! 
Sable eats the fish whole and starts feeling more fired up inside and with more energy and less cold. She was obviously getting weak from not eating. "Thank you" Sable says to the Ice Dragon. "Im Sable, what's your name"? "My name is Neve", nice to meet you Sable. It's a miracle Sable didn't know if there really were any Dragons in the area that could help her, but thankfully Neve came to her rescue.
Sable feels relieved but she knows she's not built for winter and she knows she can't stay here forever, not to mention she misses her family and her fiery home. Will she be able to find her way back? Can she truly adapt to an environment she wasn't built for? How long can she last in this wintery environment? Stay tuned for part 3 of Sable's story. 
Until then, remember that you are not alone in these dark cold times. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I truly believe that you will find your fire to keep you warm through these cold nights. A miracle is waiting in store for you! Until next time, Merry Christmas or Merry Yule and thank you for being a part of the Legion of Dragons!
Jiana Wessel

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