Finding the North Star ✨

It's been weeks since Sable got separated from her family and ended up in a wintery wasteland. With the help of Neve she now knows where to find her food, (she has to dive into the icy waters to hunt for fish)! She now knows how to keep a fire and keep herself warm as well. In other words she now knows how to survive the wintery cold, all thanks to Neve. She looks off into the horizon with Neve by here side, as the sun sets and feels that something's missing.

Sable feels incomplete, she misses her family and the warmth of the volcanic landscape she is used to. "Neve I appreciate all you've done for me, but I need to find my way back home, I miss my family and want to be with them. I think I've been away from them long enough now, and I am sure they're worried about me too". "Very well", Neve replied. "It's time you learned how to navigate the sky to make your way back home. I hope to see you again, it was nice having your company".

"Thank you Neve, I will miss you", replied Sable. "I will miss you too", replied Neve. Neve points to the sky, "the brightest you see is known as the north star, from there you can figure out where south, east and west are, thereby finding your way home. Do you see the brightest star?" "Yes I do"! replies Sable. "I know how to get home now, I need to fly south east and I am bound to find them!" "Goodbye Neve"! She says as she flies off into the horizon. "Goodbye Sable", Neve replies and goes back into his cave.

As she's flying she's thinking about how blessed she is to have found Neve who taught her how to survive all these weeks in an environment she's not used to or even made for. Shes flying for about 2 hours when she spots a group of red Dragons on top of a tower, she immediately recognizes them as her Mother and siblings! She roars in enjoyment, which is immediately met with a roar of enjoyment from her family too!

They're so happy they cry tears of fire and with their roar of fire light up the night time sky. "We thought we lost you for good"! Sables' mother said. "I thought I'd never find my way back, I've learned not to be so hasty and reckless," Sable said. "Where were you"? her mother asked. "I got lost in the north but a wise friendly ice dragon showed me how to survive the cold and how to find my way home, by following the north star"! And the Dragon family celebrated and rejoiced in being together again.

2020 has been a really rough year, maybe even the roughest year in our lifetime. Im sure at one point or another you felt lost and couldn't find your way back to the life you wanted or the dreams you were after. I know I've lost my way quite a few times in 2020, but we can always find our way back if we remember our north star, as in our ultimate vision of where we want to be. May your north star guide you towards the life you want in this new year, 2021. Many blessings and remember to spread your fire and light up this dreary world, Dragon!


Jiana Wessel


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