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Where are you from Dragon? 🐲 Part 3

Welcome back to the 3rd and final day of the "Dragon where you are from? 🐲  series! Today we will be learning about the Dragons from Africa and Oceania. We're gonna dive into the Dragons of Egypt, Sumerian, and Babylonian myths. Last but not least, we'll be learning about the Dragons from "down under", Australian Dragons! So sit back and enjoy as we go through the last Dragons and myths in this series! First, we'll start with the African Dragons.  

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Where are you from Dragon? 🐲 Part 2

Welcome back to part two of "Where are you from Dragon"? 🐲  Today we are continuing with Dragons of the Americas, Africa, and Oceania! I find this so fascinating because when it comes to Dragons, we usually only think of European and Asian cultures when there's actually so much more! The Dragon is such a powerful creature that every culture had to have a version of their own Dragon. Talk about having something that can connect us all, who would've thought that it could actually be Dragons! 🐉  😊  So without further delay let's continue our journey and learning more about the Dragons from different parts of the world! 

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Where are you from Dragon? 🐲 Part 1

It's  Dragon Appreciation month, now did you know that there's a Dragon for each culture and place of the world? Yep, they're not just exclusive to European or Asian countries, they're literally everywhere! In different forms of course, because Dragons come in many forms and not just the beloved Arthurian Dragon.  The Red Dragon is a prophecy of the great coming King, King Arthur! And King Arthur's father was named Uther Pendragon, which translates to Dragon's head! And this is how the Arthurian Dragon became connected to King Arthur and thus a symbol of good!  But since we're on the subject of the Arthurian Dragon, I wanted to tell you about the Heraldic Wyvern which is the same as the same as...

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