Where are you from Dragon? ūüź≤ Part 1

Hey Dragon!¬†ūüź≤

It's  Dragon Appreciation month, now did you know that there's a Dragon for each culture and place of the world? Yep, they're not just exclusive to European or Asian countries, they're literally everywhere! In different forms of course, because Dragons come in many forms and not just the beloved Arthurian Dragon. 
The Red Dragon is a prophecy of the great coming King, King Arthur! And King Arthur's father was named Uther Pendragon, which translates to Dragon's head! And this is how the Arthurian Dragon became connected to King Arthur and thus a symbol of good!  But since we're on the subject of the Arthurian Dragon, I wanted to tell you about the Heraldic Wyvern which is the same as the same as the Arthurian Dragon except it's lacking the front legs. Much like the Dragons from Game of Thrones. 

Subspecies of European Dragons

- Arthurian Dragon: four-legged.
- Heraldic Wyvern: two-legged.
- Wyvern: two-legged Dragon that breathes poison and has a with a diamond- or arrow-shaped tip tail)
- Worms: look like giant snakes.
- Drakes: giant looking reptiles that breathe fire.
- Hydra: dragon with many heads, sometimes with wings and legs, other times not.
- Ouroboros: also known as oroborus, uroboros,or oureboros (a great serpent that bites its own tail, symbol of life and death, and a source of renewal) 
Arthurian Dragon
Ouroboros Dragon                                                               

Asian Dragons and Subspecies

- Asiatic Dragons: snake-like bodies, horse-like heads and four paws with three to four claws.
- Imperial Dragon: Asiatic Dragon with have five claws.
- Chinese Dragon: Asiatic Dragon with four claws.
- Japanese Dragon: Asiatic Dragon with three claws.

Asiatic Dragon


Middle eastern Dragons

- Ananta: the hyrdra of Hindu mythology had 1,000 heads and a serpentine body!
- Azhdaha: ancient Persian guardian Dragons.
- Azhi Dahaki: this Dragon was created by Angra Mainyum the "father of lies", to rid the world of righteousness.
- Buru: A drake of the Himalayas, with a triangular head and prominent fangs, 15 feet long with powerful claws.
- Dhrana: A mighty seven-headed hydra of Indian myth and guardian of the god Parsva.
- Kaliya: A hyrda of Indian myth, Kaliya was once the King of Serpents.
- Leviathan: The Jewish Talamund call this the "Dragon of the Sea", huge and able to breathe fire.

Hydra Dragon

Now there's a lot more Dragon facts to share. There are also Dragons from the Americas, as in North America and South America. There's also Dragons from Africa and Oceania! The list of Dragons can go on forever, so we'll continue with Dragons from the Americas tomorrow!¬† So are any of these cultures a place you come from? Hit reply and tell more about where you're from Dragon! By the way,¬†we are having a Dragon Appreciation Sale, and we are having everything up to 50% off until! So go ahead and grab your fiery items now before they perish! Take advantage and see what cool Dragon items you find yourself! Spread the Fire ūüĒ•¬† Dragon!¬†ūüź≤¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†

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