The Legend of Pai Lung ๐Ÿฒ

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So today I am sharing with you my favorite Asian Dragon story, the legend of Pai Lung. It all starts with a stormy night when a beggar was caught in a storm. He stopped at a house and begged for shelter. A young girl answers the door and lets him in, her parents agree to let him stay the night so he won't be caught in the storm. The next morning he was gone before the even woke up. Unfortunately, the parents soon discover their daughter to be pregnant.

Enraged, the parents kicked her out and she made her way out in the world, alone. Then came the day when she was in labor. She gave birth to a ball of white fur. Frightened and shocked and according to some versions grief. She threw the ball ofย fur into the ocean, once it touched the ocean, the ball of fur transformed into a magnificent white Dragon! Sadly, she died from fright. Fortunately, her tainted reputation was repaired, since she had obviously been Dragon blessed! She became known as the mother of Pai Lung. She was given a nice burial and a temple was erected on site.

Dragon Pai Lung

Every year people go to the temple to leave offerings and ask Pai Lung for his blessings. A tablet with Pai Lung's legend was placed at the site of the temple.ย  He brings rain and blessing to the land and the peoples. I find this to be a beautiful story because it goes from an unfortunate turn of events to something really beautiful. I really hope you have enjoyed these stories, myths, and facts about Dragons for Dragon Appreciation Month! As you may already the Dragon Appreciation Sale, with everything up to 50% off ends at the end of this month. So make sure you take advantage now before the sale ends! Love you Dragon and you know what to do spread the fire! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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