Are You Built For The Winter?

There was once a beautiful strong Dragon named Sable, she a bold, feisty Dragon. One day she was flying with her family and being her bold herself, decided to take a different turn. Before she knew it, she was lost and couldn't find her family. She kept flying trying to reconnect with them and ended up far away from home, this place looked nothing like volcanic landscape she was used to. She was in a cold, freezing wintery landscape.

Sable is young, so she is still learning how to navigate the sky and therefore can't make her way back home. She panicked for a bit let out a loud roar and then started to accept her situation, she needs to find a way to survive here, she needs to adapt. She can go for a day or two without food, but where will she find her food? She's always hunted with family and has never hunted on her own. 

Right now, the most important thing to her is staying her warm, she is cold blooded after all. So she finds some dead trees and starts breathing fire on them to keep herself warm. How long will she be able to endure this cold? Where will her next meal come from? Stay tuned to know how Sable's story will pan out.

Now Dragons aside, does Sable's story sound familiar? Haven't we all had a moment or many moments this year where we panicked, didn't know how we were going to pay our bills, keep a roof over our head or put food on the table? To say this year has been challenging is an understatement, we are in new territory and we are having to adapt on the daily.

I hope things are starting to look up for you, I hope you are using your inner Fire to light your way through the darkness and warm your soul. 


Jiana Wessel

P.S. You can find items in the shop that will help keep your head up and remind you of the Fire 🔥 within.

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